A Pile of Talks


A pile of talks is a project that explore about the absence and the presence of human communication. Part of the outcome is an interactive installation that collect and the quality of conversations and display in a form of sand art.

Advisors :

Gareth Foote

“A communication system that encourages absence and distance rather than constant connection by physicalising communication in sand, giving it a material value that can be exchanged and reflected on. It aims to encourage wholesomeness in social relationships by re-affirming the importance of absence and disconnection in communication.” ​

The conversation collector records the quality of your voice recordings by turning different sentiments into different colors of sand. This project challenges the user to reflect on the absent moments within their conversations. This project involving many different platforms, uses sentiment analysis APIs to direct and control physical components of a machine that siphon sand.

Useful website & document lists ​

API Documentation
Example using NodeJS
Sentiment analysis ( AFINN-based sentiment analysis for Node.js.)