Space Intimacy


SPACE INTIMACY is an interactive installation produced within the Digital Maker Collective, and was part of the Digital Making Art School for Tate Exchange.

Collaborate with :

Betty Zheng
Virginie Tan
Moe Eibeler

Advisors :

Adam Corrie
Roman Trilo

We started this project from one concept: that is of the borders. Despite the fact that Internet has challenged the significance of borders, people aren’t getting automatically open-minded although they are more connected – isn’t it because everyone got their own borders? That’s why SPACE INTIMACY is challenging the notion of these personal borders, as the spectator A can literally witness the intimacy of the spectator B.

There is also a contrast between the fact that Internet is a public space, yet the informations shared by users are mostly personal. By tweaking that contrast and transforming it into an intimate experience using body sensors – each sensor affected the visuals in different ways; this is also an open invitation to use datas differently to craft meaningful experiences.